Apple CareKit

Why Apple CareKit matters

Apple launched CareKit following on from the success of ResearchKit launched in 2015.

ResearchKit focuses on large studies and has proved itself by launching some of the largest research studies in history. CareKit looks to expand into patient care by allowing users to access four initial modules:

  1. Care Card – this helps users track their care plans and action items.
  2. Symptom and Measurement Tracker
  3. Insight Dashboard – maps symptoms against action items.
  4. Connect – Allows user to share information with healthcare providers and familiy members.

Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said.

“When we introduced ResearchKit, our goal was simply to improve medical research, and we thought our work was largely done,” he said. “What became clear to us later was the very same tools used to advance medical research can also be used to help people with their care.”

Why does CareKit matter?

By creating apps designed to monitor health conditions, Apple essentially can provide intimate, detailed information on consumer behavior in a way that previously was not available on a large scale. It’s clear that Apple is one of the few major companies that fully grasps the consumerization of health and the benefits to everyone from sharing medical data.

Nasir Ahmed

“GURUS have been working extensively in the healthcare space to provide insights to patients and to better manage their health. Working with Pow Health we have created tools that allow patients to manage, track and share all aspects of their health data.

By Apple entering this market it brings awareness to consumers of the potential benefits health monitoring apps can bring. We hope this awareness triggers more consumers to use Pow Health to better manage their health outcomes.”

Apple has brought mass market appeal to Healthcare tracking and Patient Insights whilst giving healthcare providers valuable tools to provide better insights and care plans to patients.


Apple CareKit